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Wood Door Maintenance

Did you know that Cityscape Painting also does staining and paint maintenance for wood doors?

Wood doors create a stunning first impression of any home,and a well-maintained wood door can last a lifetime. But like all wood products, wood doors need regular maintenance - especially if your entryway has a west or south-facing exposure.

Depending on the amount of exposure, most doors should be recoated every two to four years. It's imperative to re-treat a wood door BEFORE the existing coating begins to break down. Otherwise you will have to completely strip the door and start over, which is more costly and time-consuming.

 If you want more information on setting up a treatment schedule for your wood doors, give us a call at (952) 469-5901.

 And if you're interested in a more eco-friendly stain product like pine tar, check out our last blog entry.

Before and after of wood door #1
Before and after photos of wood door #3
Before and after photos of wood door #4

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