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If you're considering whether to paint your brick fireplace or home exterior, keep this in mind: latex paint is a death sentence for brick. This particular paint product prevents bricks from breathing and releasing moisture, which will cause the brick to erode over time. Also, it's extremely difficult to remove latex paint from brick once it's in place.

 At the same time, painting brick gives it a whole new look. You CAN paint brick; you just have to be very careful about selecting a paint. Your paint process has to account for brick's need breathe and release moisture,

 One good alternative is limewash. Limewash is a whitewash sealant consisting of water and crushed limestone. Rather than accelerating the brick erosion process, limewash actually slows it down.  

 Limewash is long-lasting, toxin-free. and made from all natural ingredients. Once limewash is applied, it's very low maintenance. Limewash works well in cold climates, and the freeze/thaw process will actually enhance your limewash over time.

 Overall, limewash is an effective, eco-friendly solution to elevate your brick's appearance. If you want to learn more or discuss other brick painting options, give us a call at (952) 469-5901. Cityscape Painting is Minnesota's House Painting experts. We're passionate about paint, and happy to share our knowledge with you. Call us today!

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