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The Science Behind Paint Color Trends

Last month Sherwin-Williams released its new 2024 Color of the Year - Upward SW 6239. The color is described as a "breezy, blissful blue" and there's a video on their Facebook feed of someone painting their fingernails this color amidst a field of blue flowers.

These annual Color of the Year selections are watched closely by industry professionals, and evoke passionate debate among designers. But what does this mean for the average homeowner?

There's a big money - and a lot of science - invested in trend spotting, even among paint colors. Every time you visit a paint company’s website or walk into their store, they want you to feel inspired to paint. However, consumers' tastes change from year to year. What’s fresh and exciting today may feel dated and tired tomorrow. Conversely, it takes time to test and roll out a new line of paint colors. In order to remain profitable, paint companies need to predict future color trends, not react to them.

Most companies hire style agencies to help them design their color palettes a year or more before they go into production. Style agencies don't just employ designers and artists to predict trends. They do extensive market research and work with art historians, linguists, and sociologists to develop new color palettes. (Shout out to Meryl Streep and her "blue sweater" monologue in The Devil Wears Prada.)

In our opinion, they nailed it this year. This past summer we saw homeowners choosing bolder colors over the traditional white for their exteriors. As one homeowner said, he wanted his home to "stand out, not blend in" with his surroundings.

But if the 2024 Color of the Year doesn't move you, don't fret. This is only one of a much larger palette of colors that all coordinate nicely. How you mix and match your favorite colors is up to you.

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