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Landscaping and Your Home’s Exterior Paint

Spring is here, and avid gardeners are looking longingly at the garden center and dreaming of their home's summer landscape. Before you plant that next bush, think carefully about how it might impact your home's exterior.


Shade... or Mold?

It's a great idea to plant a bush or tree by the side of the house to provide shade and protect your home from sun damage. But if you plant TOO close to the side of your house, it can restrict air movement and cause dampness on your exterior siding, leading to mildew and wood rot. And if a plant is continually brushing up against the house, it can scratch off a protective layer of paint on your home.

While it might feel silly to plant a tiny bush several feet from your home, plants grow quickly. Space out your plants according to their mature size, not their current size. And be sure to trim your shrubs and bushes every season to leave space between the plants and your siding.


Watch Where the Water Goes

If you install a sprinkler system for your lawn, make sure it isn't getting your house wet. Paint protects best when it's dry, and a daily soaking can limit its effectiveness. Proper aim avoids wasting water, and keeps your house paint in top condition.

Also watch where rainwater collects around your house. We see lots of wood rot around the base of a home when water isn't being directed away from the house properly. Sometimes an older patio will "list" and rainwater will flow toward the house instead of the lawn. Good landscaping should always move water away from your home.


Clean Up After Your Landscaping

Don't stockpile fallen branches and landscaping debris right next to the house. Again, your home needs airflow to ensure the paint stays dry and mildew-resistant. Also, bugs and critters love to make homes in organic matter and encourage wood deterioration. To keep your home free from these nuisances, make sure you pick up and properly dispose of fallen organic matter.



If you have any questions about caring for your exterior house paint, or if the time has come for a new coat of paint on your home, Cityscape Painting would love to help. Call us for a free estimate today at (952) 469-5901.

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