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Holiday Cleaning to Extend the Life of your Paint

When readying your house for the holidays, don’t forget to clean your walls and ceilings.

Walls and ceilings are easy targets for dirt and grime to collect and for spiders to hide, resulting in dusty cobwebs. Not only will your home sparkle once these are removed, but friends and family members who are sensitive to allergies will breathe easier. Also, smoky residue from cooking, candles, and/or cigarettes can collect in these areas and stain your walls over time.

Some experts recommend you dust your walls and ceilings every month. Obviously, there are a lot of factors that can affect this timeline. If you’re like our family with no smokers, no allergies, no pets, and a distaste for cleaning, you may be fine with only doing a thorough cleaning 3-4 times per year. At the very least, you should dust and sponge-clean your ceilings and walls as part of your spring and fall cleaning. The sooner dirt and stains are removed, the less opportunities they have to damage the protective finish of your paint.

Before you start

It's easy while cleaning to allow yourself to become distracted. That's when injuries happen. No one wants to get hurt during the holidays so before you start, do a safety check. Here are a couple precautions to keep in mind:

1)     Take the time to inspect the environment you’ll be cleaning. Look for any potential distractions or dangers. Lock the dog out of the room before you climb on a ladder. Don’t run the vacuum cord through a wet spot on the floor. Take off any clothing or jewelry that may snag on your equipment.

2)     Gather the equipment you’ll be using, and inspect it before starting. What will you stand on? Is it stable? Will it handle your weight? Check your power cords for fraying and determine whether an extension cord is required. If in doubt, always play it safe.

3)     Wear a protective mask or goggles while dusting places that haven't been cleaned in awhile. A faceful of dirt can kick off a round of coughing or sneezing, which may be hazardous if you're standing on a ladder.

4)     If you have heart issues and plan to raise a vacuum hose or dust mop above your head, STOP. Ask for help or hire the job out. Your loved ones want your good health more than they want a clean house.

Step 1: Dust

Thankfully, it’s not difficult or expensive to clean cobwebs from your walls and ceilings. You can buy a duster with a long handle and a microfiber attachment on the end for a minimal price. A lot of vacuums also have long attachments to let you suck dust and cobwebs from corners.

When it comes to textured walls and popcorn ceilings, there are additional challenges. Before using your vacuum on a textured surface, test it in an area where damage will be limited if the suction power is too great. Also, take time to assess whether you can lift the equipment for the length of time required. If your vacuum is too heavy, switch to a broom instead. Gently sweep across the nooks and crannies in your ceiling. If all else fails, use lint roller tape (or a loop of duct tape) and roll it back and forth across the textured surface.

Step 2: Sponge the surface clean

Mix 2 cups of warm water, 2 teaspons of dish soap, and 1/4 cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray any dirty spots that remain after dusting, and then wipe off using a white cloth or natural sponge.

It’s important not to scrub your wall using anything that contains dyes or colors that may stain. White cloth diapers or natural sea sponges are great cleaning tools for this job. If a stain doesn’t come out from gentle scrubbing, just move on. Leaving a small stain is preferable to scrubbing too hard and destroying the paint finish.

Step 3: Clean-up

If things are really dusty, consider laying a tarp on the floor or under the area you are cleaning. It will simplify the final phase of clean-up.

Wait at least five minutes after cleaning your walls and ceilings before starting your clean-up. This gives all the dust you stirred up time to settle.

Cityscape Painting for the Holidays

If you’re tired of cleaning popcorn ceilings or you have wall stains that just won’t come out, give us a call. Cityscape Painting can remove popcorn ceilings and repaint your interiors so your home shines for the holidays.

If you have loved ones with busy lifestyles or who are physically unable to paint, consider buying our services on their behalf for the holidays. Call us today for a free estimate at (952) 469-5901. We'll even do a free color consultation. A professional paint job is a gift they'll remember every time they enter the room for years to come.

Happy holidays, and have a FABULOUS 2024!

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