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Does Your Paint Color Look Wrong?

Have you ever heard someone complain about a blue wall that was supposed to be gray, or a pink wall that was supposed to be tan?

Don't blame the paint. The type and color of the lighting in your home has a significant impact on how paints look when the job is complete.

As part of any new repainting project, first invest in new light bulbs.
Replace all the odd or mismatched bulbs in your fixtures so your lighting is consistent throughout. If you have multiple light fixtures, make sure they all use the same TYPE of lighting (CFL, halogen, LED, etc.) and the same color (soft white, bright light, etc.).

If you have any fluorescent lights in your home, ditch them.
This lighting effect is harsh and patchy, and can really mess with the color of paint in a room. On top of that, many people are sensitive to the flicker in fluorescent lights, which can cause headaches, anxiety, and other health issues. Fluorescent lights also contain mercury, so they're a threat to the environment. And you cannot throw old fluorescent bulbs in the trash; they must be taken to a recycling center.

Once your lighting is consistent, get large color samples.
Get big color samples, and observe them under a variety of lighting conditions. Bright sunlight, cloudy days, evening with ambient light - test the gamut.

If you plan to use the same paint color across multiple rooms, test your paint samples in EVERY room. Different light bulb types and varying degrees of natural light will bring out different undertones in your paint.

With a little patience and experimentation, you can find a paint color that makes you happy in every lighting condition. Our experts at Cityscape Painting are happy to offer advice throughout your paint selection process. Call us today at (952) 469-5901.

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